Tenancy Law

Whether it concerns residential rent, commercial lease, or leasehold matters, at FAIRWAY you can find support whether you're a tenant or a landlord. The focus of our specialists is primarily on the applicable regulations, which differ significantly. For both tenants and landlords, there are several crucial elements that can be decisive. The regulations concerning residential leases differ from those about commercial leases, which in turn differ from the leasehold legislation.

Why a tenancy law attorney?

Are you a tenant or landlord and find yourself uncertain? Does reviewing your contract not help, or are you about to rent or lease and want a watertight and clear contract?

We provide the appropriate agreement for each specific situation, with extra attention and advice regarding the general terms and conditions or fine print. These are very important, just like in other agreements. They serve a dual function. On one hand, they strengthen your commercial position, and on the other, they protect your legal position by, for example, enforcing interest rates for late rental payments.

About to lease your property? Get advice from our tenancy law specialists. After all, you do not want to be faced with a fait accompli in the event of problems.

My tenant is not paying the rent, what now?

To put it mildly, it's an unpleasant situation. You obviously purchased your income property for the revenue and count on the rental payments. What to do when your tenant does not pay the rent? You can't just evict them and retake possession of the property.

Contacting the Tenant

First, contact the tenant if the rent is not paid on time or at all. If the tenant still does not pay, then send a registered letter of default in a timely manner. This letter urges the tenant to pay within a specified term.

No response to the letter of default?

Unfortunately, you must then turn to the magistrate's court. This can be done through a conciliation procedure or a judicial procedure. Especially for the latter, the assistance of a tenancy law attorney is recommended. Therefore, seek the help of a specialized tenancy law attorney at FAIRWAY. Your income property is, after all, meant to generate income.