Construction Law & Real Estate

Construction law and real estate cover aspects of contract law, liability law, environmental law, administrative law, and property law. They are not separate branches of law in themselves and thus require extensive knowledge in the various underlying legal domains.

The Various Stakeholders

In addition to the various branches of law that relate to construction law, consideration must also be given to the different players involved in the execution of works. There is the developer, contractor, subcontractor, and architect. The tension between the commitments of the different stakeholders must always be accurately assessed. This is, of course, no easy task.

The tension between the commitments of the contractor, architect, and developer is always central in disputes over the execution of the contract. For contractors and architects, there is a special regulation regarding liability.

Why a Construction Law Attorney?

A construction law attorney provides assistance with expertises, judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution, and the drafting of various contracts. In short, a comprehensive relief for your large and small construction projects.