Traffic & Criminal Law

Tested positive in a breathalyzer, committed a speeding violation, received a summons (PRO JUSTITIA) to appear in court, or involved in an accident? The traffic and criminal law attorneys at FAIRWAY are here to help you.

Received a Summons?

You have received a summons and are required to appear in court. In this case, it is certainly worthwhile to be assisted by a specialized attorney in traffic and criminal law. Our specialists know the ins and outs of the court system and will support you with advice and action.

A Court Procedure, What Will It Cost Me?

First, you should check if your car insurance policy includes legal assistance. If it does, your insurer will cover the costs and we will handle everything with them. You can then rest easy.

If you do not have additional legal aid, we will make clear price agreements together. You can also proceed with peace of mind in this case.

In any case, our traffic law attorneys take all the administrative work off your hands and handle everything with the public prosecutor's office, your insurer, and the court.

You Are Involved in an Accident, What Now?

You are likely to be quite shaken in the immediate aftermath of an accident, but it is precisely these first moments that are very important. What do you do? Do you get out the accident report form, or do you first reach for your phone to take pictures? What should you pay attention to when taking photos or filling out the accident form? Should you call the police? Do you stop or drive on?

  • After an accident, to drive on or stop?
  • Filling out the accident form
  • Should I call the police?
  • Notify your insurer
  • And what about a traffic law attorney?

An Accident with Bodily Injury

If you are injured in a traffic accident and become temporarily or even permanently unable to work, you are entitled to compensation for this damage. This is often far from a straightforward issue. It is always necessary to demonstrate who is responsible for the accident. For instance, it may be that both parties are equally liable.

Investigating liability is often a daunting task, involving assessing the damage, estimating the damage, and the grueling process of getting the compensation awarded (and ideally paid). All this while you understandably focus on your recovery process and do not want to worry about the legal issues.

Our traffic law attorneys are happy to take these concerns off your hands and advocate for your interests with the utmost conviction.