Family Law


Are you experiencing problems with an adoption, whether domestic or international, simple or full adoption? An attorney can assist you with drafting the adoption request, analyzing a denial of adoption, and obtaining the necessary permissions.


Whether it's for recognizing or disputing paternity, ordering a judicial investigation, DNA testing, assigning or changing a family name, or adjusting the birth certificate, we offer assistance to fathers, mothers, co-mothers, and co-fathers facing such issues.


If the relationship within a marriage is seriously disturbed and you see no future in your marriage, you can decide to divorce alone or in consultation with your partner. Spouses can divorce by mutual consent or on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Of course, it never stops at the divorce itself. There are often joint assets that need to be divided, or the spouses may own a business together. If the spouses also have children together, a fair and balanced arrangement must be made, taking into account everyone's wishes.

If you prefer to resolve the above issues outside of court, we refer you to our mediation page.

De Facto or Legal Cohabitation

If you are living together with your partner, either de facto or legally, and the relationship becomes seriously strained to the point that you decide to end the cohabitation, this may be less cumbersome than a divorce, but often a fair and balanced arrangement must still be made.

Forced Admission

Forced admission is intended as a protective measure. Those who pose a danger to themselves or others can be forcibly admitted to a psychiatric ward. We are happy to assist you in the procedures surrounding such forced admissions.

Provisional Administration

There comes a time when you or your loved ones are no longer able to manage your finances and assets. Persons in such situations can be placed under provisional administration. The initiative for this can come from the person to be protected themselves, family members, or acquaintances. The magistrate of the person's place of residence is competent and appoints an administrator. We understand that certain decisions in such situations can be difficult to make, and we are here to provide advice and support.

Maintenance or Alimony

Issues around maintenance or alimony are unfortunately daily problems for many people. Whether maintenance is not paid or only partially paid, needs to be indexed, or adjusted according to the age of the children, these are just a few of the hundreds of questions concerning this sensitive issue.

Maintenance or Alimony: Am I entitled to it?

Maintenance or alimony for yourself or for the children, am I entitled to it and if so, how much should it be? Just to answer this question, it is best to consult an attorney specialized in maintenance. After all, 1001 factors must be considered. The parents' income, ordinary costs of the child, extraordinary costs of the child, the applicable residence arrangement, amount of child support, and special circumstances are just some of the factors that influence the amount.

Therefore, do not just sit back; claim what you are entitled to with the help of a family law attorney specialized in maintenance at FAIRWAY.

Would you like to try calculating the cost of a child and the maintenance for a child yourself? Try our online tool KidCost!