Labor Law

Labor law encompasses both employment law and social security law. It is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field of law. Society and the economy are constantly changing, leading to new challenges in the area of social law. Legislation related to employment law and social security law is also constantly changing. A specialist in this area is a valuable asset for both employers and employees.

An attorney specialized in employment law and social security law can assist, among other things, in drafting and/or negotiating an employment contract. This is significant since the employment contract forms the basis for the employment relationship between the employer and the employee. In this sense, labor law maintains the balance between employer and employee.

An employment law attorney can also intervene in a dispute between these parties, playing an advisory or negotiating role. When thinking about conflicts in the workplace, we often think of dismissal or dismissal for urgent reasons. However, this also includes issues such as discrimination in the workplace, working conditions, and wage and labor conditions. Your attorney knows your personal situation or that of your company better than anyone else and is therefore best positioned to assist you in disputes or conflicts.

Finally, a social security law attorney can provide an appropriate, nuanced answer to the most diverse questions regarding unemployment benefits, pensions, or disability benefits.

Questions about your own situation?

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